In my private therapy practice I work with an ‘Inside-Out’ approach towards your mental health.
Holli Rubin, body image specialist, private therapy London

About Holli

Holli is a prominent body-image specialist who’s contribution to the conversation on the impact of body image is wide-ranging. Her participation in governmental organisations, activist groups, public forums, print, radio, and television media outlets, as well as through her private therapy practice in London is raising awareness of body image and provides a platform for girls to begin to understand their relationship with their own bodies and to ultimately live comfortably in them. Her insight and experience is helping drive change at a national level so that body image education becomes part of a bigger conversation.

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Holli’s Work


Holli provides her expertise and insights as a mental health clinician to government on issues of body image, and its impact on mental well being.



Holli serves as an educator on Body Image with schools, health care, mental health, and fitness professionals. Her workshops, seminars, talks and presentations train those working with the public during vulnerable stages of their lives where body image can significantly impact mental health.


Private Therapy London

Holli provides individual, couples, and family counselling. In her private therapy practice in London, she has a unique and modern approach to “couples counselling ” where she will see mother and daughter together and work with them as a unit to help them both understand their relationship.



Holli works with many non-profits and advocacy groups to advance awareness and support causes around body image. These groups seek to impact the ways social, media, and commercial forces impact the health and well being of the public on these measures.


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the best thing I could have done for myself

Counselling was the best thing I could have done for myself while going through the IVF process. IVF was the most intense experience I ever had and I felt very alone throughout it. Holli was an incredible support and without her I don’t know how I would have gotten through it all. I would highly recommend anyone going through IVF to be sure to have counselling alongside. There are so many ups and downs and no one should have to go through it alone.

Private Practice Client

sympathetic, knowledgeable , trustworthy

Holli Rubin has greatly helped us with her professional services. She has been sympathetic, knowledgeable , trustworthy and always available for us when we needed her.
We would highly recommend her for any marriage counseling, help with teenagers, and general challenges that might come up in your family whether you live in Fulham or even anywhere in London for her services

Eda Elbirik

Brilliant And Engaging Speaker

“Dr. Rubin is a brilliant and engaging speaker who provides insightful, current, and thought-provoking content to her audience. Her presentation on body image to the parents of our school was overwhelmingly well-received, and provoked requests for follow-up small group sessions on the topics she covered. We hope she will consider returning to speak again soon!”

Eliza Ketchum – American School in London

Eliza Ketchum

Surgery is NOT a Game!

Join me and Endagered Bodies in Petitioning Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store to remove cosmetic surgery apps.

These apps often feature animated characters, and are being marketed to kids as young as nine, a target group that is already influenced by our body-toxic culture.



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