“I am fascinated about body image. The way we see and experience our bodies affects how we feel about ourselves.”
Holli Rubin, body image specialist

About Holli

Holli is a prominent body-image specialist who’s contriubtion to the conversation on the impact of body image is wide-ranging. Her participation in governmental organisations, activist groups, public forums, print, radio, and television media outlets, as well as in her private practice is raising awareness of body image and provides a platform for girls to begin to understand their relationship with their own bodies and to ultimately live comfortably in them. Her insight and experience is helping drive change at a national level so that body image education becomes part of a bigger conversation.

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Surgery is NOT a Game!

Join me and Endagered Bodies in Petitioning Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store to remove cosmetic surgery apps.

These apps often feature animated characters, and are being marketed to kids as young as nine, a target group that is already influenced by our body-toxic culture.

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