Holli’s insight and experience is helping drive change at a national level so that body image education becomes part of a bigger conversation.


In the government publication on June 2014 “Two for the price of one” alongside with Susie Orbah, Holli has presented the impact of body image during pregnancy and after birth.


Holli wrote a review called Pregnancy: A Message for Mothers-to-be
Frustrated by the ideals that society has imposed on pregnant women Holli wanted for her patients who are new mothers, sleep deprived and thrust into a world foreign to their previous existence, to have their experience of motherhood normalized and not idealized.

In an interview by Laura Bates of The Independent for an article entitled “Ugly Girl” Holli commented on teenage girls as well as women, suffering from the ideas and the pressure society puts on them to conform to a very narrow media defined ideal of appearance.

In a “Call for Evidence” , government publication that was launched by the Department of Health for a review of the regulation of cosmetic interventions. Holli on behalf of Endangered Bodies, contributed to the Inquiry emphasizing the importance that people considering cosmetic surgery and procedures are given proper information, advice and time for reflection so that they can make an informed choice.