Holli will be featured at the Hampton School Conference for Digital Wellbeing, Protecting Pupils online. Topics discussed will be sexting, cyber-bulling, tech-addition, digital footprint, and how teachers can help protect …


On 3 March 2017 Holli Spoke at UCL with Caryn Franklin on Women, Body Image and Mental Health. Sponsored by the UCLU Leading Women Society.

Holli Rubin panel discussion at UCL on Women, Body Image and mental health

Women, Body Image and Mental Health

Holli will be part of a panel, along with Caryn Franklin sponsored by UCLU Leading Women Society on Women, Body Image and Mental Health for students.

Psychology in the Pub

Holli spent the day at Leeds University for the British Psychological Association. Early in the day she presented with Endangered Bodies on Body Image. That evening she led a presentation …

Holli Rubin, body image specialist, participated in a panel discussion at Be You Talks

Be You Talks

On 30 November 2016 Holli participated in Be You Talks, a unique event that demonstrated the commercial & social value of promoting positive body imagery & explored the power of …

Holli Rubin, body image specialist, will be speaking at Fare Healthy, festival of food, exercise, and well-being

Fare Healthy

On Sunday, 5th February 2016, Holli participated in a panel on Body Image at Fare Healthy, a feel-good festival of food, exercise & wellbing. Together with Mel wells, hosted by …

The Body Beautiful Season

Holli attended of the premier of BBC 3’s first show of The Body Beautiful Season screening of “I Want to Change my Body” in 2012. This documentary highlights body-obsessed Britain …

Holli Rubin, body image specialist, presents with a panel on the documentary Miss Representation

Miss Representation

Alongside with Jill Walker, The Deputy Head at Glendower, Emma Woolf writer for The Times, Grazia and The Ministry of Thin and An Apple a Day, and Deborah Joseph, editor …