Holli Rubin, Body Image Specialist, provided NCT training on Body Image

NCT Training

Off the back of the TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE report on the impact of body image during pregnancy and after birth, funding was received from the Burdett Foundation to develop a training programme for NCT Trainers. The programme covered the following:

Training for midwives and HVs, and pre and post natal health workers to build secure bodies and appetite awareness in mothers and babies.

  • Helping new and expectant mums address their personal eating and body image problems.
  • Reducing parental anxiety around babies and feeding.
  • Feeding babies to protect them from eating problems and obesity.

In consisted of short courses exploring:

  • Significance of early feeding relationship to mental health and prevention of obesity, bulimia, compulsive eating and anorexia.
  • Mother’s relationship to food: helping mothers to identify their own needs for food and nutrition.
  • Teaching mothers to recognise infants’ and children’ need for food, cues which indicate hunger and satiety and to separate those from needs and cues for comfort, soothing, stimulation and recognition.
  • Understanding mothers with entrenched eating difficulties and the impact of this on their infants’ development as well as the relationship with their infant or child.
  • Intergenerational transmission of eating anxieties.
  • Family relationship to food.
  • Exploration of staff’s own attitudes to eating, weight, and shape which may influence the advice they give to mothers.

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